Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We have some agents that still choose to work F2F in clients homes, but we only recommend and train new agents to work virtually.

Working hours are 100% flexible. Most agents connect with clients in the morning to setup appointments for the afternoon and evening. About 80% of our agents choose to work M-Th and take the weekends off.

An insurance license is required ultimately, but you do not need one to apply to work with Fractional Financial. We will help guide qualified, non-licensed applicants through the licensing process.

This is a 1099 commission-based position. The average compensation for protecting a family produces about $500 in net income. An agent's on-target weekly objective is eight sales.

Our carriers pay our agents via direct bank deposits. Carriers pay daily (vs. weekly, bi-weekly or monthly). Typically, eight approved policies this week will produce eight direct direct deposits in the following week.

That is partially up to the new agent and partially subject to their state's licensing process. Typically, it takes 2-3 weeks to complete the process.

Study for the test, take and pass the test, apply for the license, wait for the license.

This depends on the agent's resident state, but typically the cost is between $150-$300.

We have an advanced lead system that agents can tap into if they choose or they can start by working their warm market and referrals.

Our marketing department sends out about 1M mailers every month to prospective clients. Agents, if they choose to, can purchase these pre-qualified leads at a subsidized price. Agents a never required to purchase leads, but it is recommended, due to their high quality and interest level.

It is recommended that new agents have a budget of $300-$500 per week for at least 3-4 weeks to get started. If you already have an extended network of clients, friends and family you can start there.

Our company average for sales per engagement with the internal leads that we produce is about 50%.

You must be at least 18 years old to get your life insurance license. As a corollary to this question, we have a number of VERY successful agents that are under 25.

We have an extensive online training platform that walks new agents through every step of the process, from setting up an office environment at home to submitting applications to our carriers. It is self-paced and typically is completed by new agents while they are waiting for their license to arrive and by existing agents while waiting for carrier contracting. We also have a daily coaching call M-F at 10AM EST that is typically attended by about 450 agents.

Yes! Your compensation can be AUTOMATICALLY increased based on attaining certain monthly production levels.

Yes! We offer monthly bonuses based on production and also have an Equity bonus program for agents that reach a certain management production level.

Yes! We have a large part-time team that chooses to complement their existing income with a position in financial services.

Yes! In fact, it is highly recommended that once you have your state license, you pick up a few non-resident licenses (simple application process) to allow yourself to work multiple time zones.

In addition to being an extremely fulfilling career emotionally, the life insurance industry can be very rewarding financially. Our top agent wrote over $1M in business last year, which also produced over $1M in earnings. Our top ten agents earned an average of about $500k. Our top 100 agents averaged over $200k in 2021.